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          "...OKAN has a sound all its own".... "they've got it all"


Catalina Maria Johnson 

WBEZ 91.5       




     "I have rarely felt that much energy and joie de vivre pouring out of a group as in the   collaboration between Miguel de Armas and OKAN this month." 

 "...OKAN and Miguel de Armas create a joyous rush of Afro-Cuban jazz"

Ottawa Jazz 





   "One of the most exciting Cuban projects to have emerged out of the Toronto Latin scene,   OKAN brings powerful vocals and high-level musicianship to their fusion of traditional   rhythms, jazz and soul. Backed by some of the country’s top players, OKAN’S charismatic   leaders, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Magdelys Savigne are ready to take their project to the   international stage".


   Jose Ortega, Co-Artistic Director, Lula Lounge Toronto.



     "OKAN  performs music whose core comes from their Afro-Cuban heritage, but which has absorbed many influences from their new home in Canada"

                     Alayne Mcgregor, 9 October, 2018.





    "I was pleased to have OKAN perform at the Small World Music Centre. Their integration   of   older Cuban traditional forms such as rumba, son and danzon with a modern   approach   made for a fresh 21st Century perspective. Elizabeth’s vocals were strong and   their original   repertoire, arranged by co-leader, composer and percussionist Magdelys   Savigne, made   the most of a top notch rhythm section (Roberto Riveron on bass, Jeremy   Ledbetter on piano and   Anthony Szczachor  on drums). It made for a special night for an   enthusiastic Small World  audience".  


Alan Davis, Artistic Director, Small World Music.



   "El discurso que proponen ambas cubanas bebe de la música folclórica (rumbas), la     música clásica, el jazz con chispazos del llamado world music".

Solar Latin Club.




    "Rodriquez & Savigne hit the refresh button and blend the swing of jazz, the classic Hot   Club violin stylings of Stephane Grappelli, Cuban and Mexican rhythms, into music of great   sophistication and style. They move from fusion jazz, classic Cuban, roots Mexican with   jazz swing, to a delightful originals by the two, rich in passion and harmonic invention.

 It’s that marriage of voices – the ease at which both Rodriquez and Savigne can sing the   most complex lines in simpatico and seamlessly traverse the landscape. There are moments   of breathtaking intensity and resolve".


Bill King           

Newstalk1010 & 1010 CFRB.







  Elizabeth & Magdelys as part of The Battle of Santiago

"JUNO Nominated band in World Music in 2018"


 Discography: "La Migra",(2017)


 Tours: USA, Canada, Europe




   Elizabeth & Magdelys as part of Jane Bunnett & Maqueque

 "GRAMMY Nominated band in Latin Jazz in 2018"

 Discography: "Maqueque" (2015), "Oddara" (2017)


 Tours: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia